Find hope when you need it most.

COVID-19 has disrupted all of life as we knew it.  We’ve lost connection, confidence, jobs—tragically even lives. But perhaps the greatest Coronavirus casualty is Hope.  

In times of such epic disruption, our hopes in this life are held hostage or die altogether. As hope fades, despair, anxiety, and depression surges. Is there a disruption-proof hope?  

COVID-19 is causing us all to ask tough questions about meaning, faith, and God (including Christians!).  And we invite you to explore this hope by asking 7 Questions with us in a supportive, yet on-your-own-terms discussion-oriented environment.

Does life have purpose?...Is there a God?...Why does God allow pain and suffering?...
The questions are tough. But exploring them together shouldn’t be.
Now more than ever, we all need a place and partners to explore faith and hope together.  Starting April 19, we invite you to join us from the comfort of your home for our Sunday livestream worship experience; offering credible content to consider concerning each question--all with real-time digital interaction.

Then, during the week, we invite you to join or host a virtual discussion group via Zoom to meet others like yourself and together have a conversation about these questions.  

Connection. Conversation. Hope.
Come explore faith with us!

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