Praying for the Presidential Elections

by Joe Johns

As this divisive election season culminates on Nov 3, we, as Kingdom people, must do our part. We hold dual citizenship—Americans citizenship and Kingdom citizenship. As Americans, we must vote wisely; exercising the critical right and responsibility this democracy affords us to shape our nation’s future.

But we mustn’t vote as if our Kingdom citizenship depends on our American one. It’s easy to forget that our Kingdom citizenship transcends both America and the worldly politics of this age (Jn 18:36). When God’s kingdom finally and fully comes on earth, man-made political ideologies and parties will cease. Instead, King Jesus will rule.

So, let’s vote with this much bigger picture in mind. As Kingdom people, let’s stand united and refuse to be divided over gaining earthly power in the Kingdom of America. Let’s seek first Jesus’ Kingdom and his righteousness, knowing no election result can threaten it.

An Election Prayer

Heavenly Father,

I pray for our Church as we near the 2020 election. I pray in Jesus’ name who is the Name above all names…who has authority and power over every high thing anywhere, and who has given this same authority to His Church.

Jesus, I speak with your sovereign authority to the anti-kingdom powers and principalities in the spiritual realms who seek to divide your Body with worry, fear, and weariness over this election.

And I say to them in Jesus’ name…we see you and we call your bluff. We defy your lie that political differences must divide us. Instead, we stand united in obedience to seek first Christ’s kingdom and righteousness.

Jesus told the political rulers of his day that His Kingdom is not of this world (Jn 18:36). And so do we. To anti-kingdom powers who want us to believe the Kingdom of God is dependent on earthly political rulers and parties, we defy you.

Instead, we stand united to seek first Christ’s Kingdom and righteousness.

Jesus told us to pray that His kingdom would come on earth as it is in heaven (Mt 6:9- 10). And so we will. To anti-kingdom powers who want us to trust in voting more than praying, we defy you.

Instead, we stand united to seek first Christ’s Kingdom and righteousness.

Jesus told his disciples that His Kingdom is not dependent on political power. (Mk 10:41-45) And we agree. To anti-kingdom powers who want us to fight to be first, not last; to be served, not be servant to all--we defy you.

Instead, we stand united to seek first Christ’s Kingdom and righteousness.

Together, we resist anti-kingdom lies of the enemy by proclaiming today with great joy that what unites us is stronger than what divides us. What unites us is King Jesus and His Kingdom! You rule now and forever, you’re the Alpha and Omega, and your rule dwarfs every little earthly kingdom that has ever been or will be—we will not bow down to another King!

So, to the Anti-Kingdom powers in spiritual realms who delight in a divisive, anxiety driven election---we say to you: we will NOT worry about Nov 3. We will vote wisely, but with the understanding that whatever the outcome, Jesus, you will remain Lord of Lords and King of Kings. No vote can change that. Lord, we seek first your Kingdom and your righteousness trusting that everything we need for life in these days will be given to us as well.

In Jesus’ Name,
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