Unlikely Partners: Russ Jehl

This week, I’m eager to launch a new feature on our blog. I’m calling it Unlikely Partners.

One unique mark of the Fellowship family is that we are a peculiar group of people. We are all different kinds of backgrounds, colors, educations, politics, and economic levels.

But what brings us together is far more than what make us different.

What brings us together is the Gospel of Christ Jesus. We all share in the grace of Jesus and so are partners together in it. In the world, it’s unlikely we would share life. But in Jesus, we are partners to His glory.

So, on a regular basis, I will be interviewing someone from the Fellowship family as a part of our Unlikely Partners series.

This week our Unlikely Partner is Russ Jehl. Russ and his wife Monica have been part of the Fellowship family for over a decade. Together, they are forming faith in their children in partnership with others at Fellowship.
In addition to being a disciple of Jesus, husband, and father, Russ is also involved in public service and politics. For the last 8 years, Russ has represented the 2nd district at Fort Wayne City Council. As we soon head to the polls, I wanted to ask Russ about how he balances his political convictions with his Kingdom allegiance. His response is well considered and timely.

Join us on Thursday at noon to hear our conversation on being Unlikely Partners. I hope you are helped by this particular conversation on authentic gospel living.
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