Everyone Empowered

by Geoff King

As we seek God’s dream for Fellowship over the next decade to see Southeast Fort Wayne saturated with Gospel flourishing and lostness reduced by 20%, it’s important to think about what values drive this vision God his dreaming in us. The values that fueled Jesus’ Gospel mission must also fuel ours. Specifically, we see Jesus living out 4 core values in action: Jesus loved. Jesus reconciled. Jesus empowered. Jesus sent.

To be a church faithful to Jesus, we must value what He values. Everyone loved. Everyone reconciled. Everyone empowered. Everyone sent. This week, let’s consider our third value statement. Pastor Geoff King offers insight today on Everyone Empowered.

Recently, I gathered (socially distanced) with a group of 12 men who have been faithfully praying for Fellowship every Sunday for 25 years. In groups of two or three, these men gather before services to pray for that Sunday’s teacher, our Senior Pastor, our ministry leaders, our congregation, the Body of believers, and for one another.

Within this group are guys from different backgrounds, histories, contexts and a variety of Spiritual giftings. Some of these men have been a part of the team for two decades, others have joined in recent years. Regardless of where they come from, how long they’ve been on the team, or how they’re gifted, all of them are committed to and believe in the same thing – the power of prayer.

One Sunday not too long ago, one team had just concluded their time of praying for Pastor Joe and transitioned their prayer focus toward the congregation. As they begin to pray, they heard a specific word – warfare.

As they begin to pray, they heard a specific word – warfare.

As they confirmed with one another what they’d discerned, they began to feel a heaviness in the room. This heaviness prompted them to cry out to God, offering up prayers of intercession for the saints connected to all the weariness, division, and burdens that many of us have experienced in this season.

Before they knew it, they were leaving the prayer room and walking up the backstage ramp to posture themselves behind the curtains where the worship team was leading our in-person and online congregants. Once there, they spread out three across – to the width of the stage – lifted their hands and began to pray for the Body as The Lord directed them, until He prompted them to stop...well after the worship set had concluded.

I don’t know about you, but the vision of these three guys standing behind the curtain interceding for us – their sisters and brothers in Christ – moves me.

By worldly standards, these men have no “title” that makes them more important than any others in our body, and they wouldn’t boast in what they’ve done or somehow view themselves as special. Instead, they would say that as they prayed in that moment, they felt empowered by The Holy Spirit to stand in His strength and in partnership with Him to pray boldly and to uphold the body fervently. It is something that all of us who are in Christ Jesus have been empowered to do.

In Acts 2, Peter is preaching to the crowd on the day of Pentecost, and he declares this very truth to all those listening. Peter shared that God would pour out His Spirit upon those who repent and believe. In this, he declared an awe-inspiring truth that the very same Spirit that raised Jesus from the dead and that was continually at work in every miracle and healing of Jesus’ hands during the time of his ministry, would be given to all of us who believe.

Friends, this same Spirit has been gifted to you and I and we gain access to it through prayer.
Together, at Fellowship, we are cultivating a culture where prayer is present and persistent; producing supernatural outcomes in the Spirit. We believe that men and women, young and old, and those of different spiritual gifts, have all been empowered and invited “in” to experience the fullness of God in prayer. We believe that the Holy Spirit not only prompts us to pray and guides us into fervent prayer, but also empowers us to participate in the supernatural work the Father wants to do among us.

In my time at Fellowship, I have seen regular disciples be empowered to pray for unrecognizable cancers to be healed, chronic back pains to be no more, clustering neurological lesions to shrink, and crippling addictions to be cast away. In each of these scenarios, faithful saints prayed and were empowered to see supernatural power released to God’s glory.

The Fellowship family takes at face value that the Spirit of the living God dwells within us. We value what Jesus teaches--the supernatural empowerment of this Spirit through prayer (John 16:12-15). When we say Everyone Empowered, we mean that everyone who is in Christ is empowered by the Holy Spirit—not just some.

Too often churches default to a view where only the staff, only the professional clergy are empowered by the Spirit. But this leads to terrible place: a church where a few are producers and the rest are consumers of what those few have been empowered to produce. But in God’s view, we are ALL producers if we abide in the Spirit (John 15:5-8). We are all empowered to produce and reproduce good fruit by the Spirit.

The everyday Jesus-following men I mentioned earlier actually believe they are empowered to make a Kingdom difference. And they are. So are you.

Imagine if everyone at Fellowship actually believed and lived as if they were empowered to produce—not consume? What if it was normal for everyday disciples to fully embrace the Holy Spirit’s power through prayer? Maybe it would look like what Jesus prophesied…

“Very truly I tell you, whoever believes in me will do the works I have been doing, and they will do even greater things than these…” (John 14:12).

Great things will only be seen with greater faith in the Holy Spirit’s power to work in all of us.
Everyone Empowered. Especially you.

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