Unlikely Partners- Sarah Hudson

by Joe Johns

We here at Fellowship are a diverse community of unlikely partners. We find our unity in Jesus who has called all of us to partner with him in His Gospel mission of transformation in us and the world. We all come from different life backgrounds, experiences, education, and economics but God is weaving all that differentness together as a powerful Gospel witness in this city and beyond.

Fellowship means “partner” in the original language in which the Gospels were written. This month I want to share and celebrate the story of Sarah Hudson and her unlikely partnership within the Fellowship family.

Sarah has worked as a Community Liaison Assistant for FWCS since 2010 and has been investing in the lives of children through FWCS for nearly 27 years. She and her husband, Garland, will celebrate 40 years of marriage later this fall. They praise God for their 4 children and seven grandchildren. Fellowship has been their faith home of the last decade.

Tune in to our VLOG conversation this Thursday at noon. Check our Facebook page for details.

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