Christ in Common

by Geoff King

Last week on Flourish!, we opened a new dialog series entitled, “Christ in Common”.

Our goal over these next three weeks is to showcase unique friendships between Fellowshippers who have fully embraced Galatians 3:26-29 and decidedly chosen to keep Christ at the center of their relationships- despite varying points of difference the world may see between them.

I opened our series hosting a conversation between Pastor Wendy Lindsey and her good friend Andy Kurzen. They discussed their shared passion for teaching young children the word of God, their environmentally different but very similar Christian upbringings, and their collaborative heart for living out Jesus’ heart for oneness.

This week, I’ll host and take part in a dialogue with three friends- Clint Tumbleson, Jordan Heller and Darrell Jackson- as we discuss fatherhood. We’ll explore what being a father means to us, how God informs our parenting, and what The Lord is showing us about parenting our children in the way of The Gospel in today’s cultural climate.

Join us this Thursday at 12pm!

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