Everyone Reconciled
on November 16th, 2020
In Christ and only through Christ, can we be reconciled back into right relationship with God, each other, and the world around us. Consequently, no worldly division, conflict or bias should easily separate members of Christ's body. Paul himself says, if God is for (reconciling) us, then who can divide us?  Read More
FMC Values - Part One
on November 12th, 2020
Join Pastor Joe and Becky Baker as they discuss Fellowship's core values and what it would look like to be a community of believers who believed and acted as though everyone was worthy of love.  Read More
Everyone Loved
on November 10th, 2020
In 2005, just a year or so after coming onto the staff team at Fellowship, a couple named Laura and Rich showed up asking for assistance. They were struggling with finances, the pipes in their home were frozen and they were looking for some help. They arrived wrapped in dirty coats, smiles on their faces and a terrible stench that left marks on my chairs, my clothes, and my soul.  Read More
Give to God What is God’s
on November 3rd, 2020
Today, Americans all across our country are casting their ballots. As a disciple of Jesus in America, how do we vote in a way that it is faithful to Him?This is a challenging question, in part, because Jesus did not live in a democracy like ours. Jesus’ relationship to the Jewish and Roman governing authorities of his day is was very different. For starters, he never rendered a vote.But that doesn...  Read More
Unlikely Partners: Faith and Politics
on October 29th, 2020
Join Pastor Joe and Russ Jehl in a conversation about what it looks like to incorporate everyday life, faith, and politics.  Read More
Unlikely Partners: Russ Jehl
on October 26th, 2020
One unique mark of the Fellowship family is that we are a peculiar group of people. We are all different kinds of backgrounds, colors, educations, politics, and economic levels.  Read More

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