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"And pray in the Spirit on all occasions with all kinds of prayers and requests. With this in mind, be alert and always keep on praying for all the Lord’s people."

-Ephesians 6:18

Missional Prayer

Prayer points from our missionaries around the world

Pam Fulton (United States)
Pam is a care-giver for YFC International to single women serving as missionaries around the world. Here is a glimpse of her heart. “Last week I was able to connect with my YFCI team and several of my missionary ladies. I learned of new challenges they face due to COVID restrictions, both personal and in ministry. It is quite a privilege to share in their lives, walk beside them in life, and to bear their burdens.” A couple of prayer needs for Pam are prayer for improvement in her eyesight after cataract surgery and prayer for wisdom in finding a new place to live here in Fort Wayne in the spring.
Bruce and Dawn Cluckie (Guinea West Africa)
Yalunka-language Bible teaching and preaching programs are broadcast on the local FM radio station in the area where Bruce and Dawn serve. Bruce, along with nationals Kelifa, Muluku and Bokari, produce and record the programs. Pray for accuracy, wisdom, and guidance as they study God’s Word, decide what to say about it, and apply it to the Yalunka culture. Pray for the radio station to consistently air the programs and for many people to grow in their faith and knowledge of God’s Word through this ministry.
Rick and Madara Dugan (Latvia)
Pray for Rick as he disciples and leads national pastors and leaders serving around the world. Although travel is restricted, Rick continues to minister virtually, training disciples to make disciples, who make disciples.
Matt and Joy Sell (Canary Islands)
Matt writes about ministry in 2021: “We are excited to see how the Lord will open hearts and opportunities, even if we can’t fully anticipate how it will happen in advance.” That could be said for all of the missionaries we work with. Pray for new opportunities to open in a world that seems closed by COVID.

Prayer Requests

The Fellowship staff regularly collects and lifts up prayer requests like these. Join us in praying for these members of the FMC body.

Health Concerns

Marcia and Dennis Reimschisel - Health concerns
Sarah Reimschisel - Health concerns
Verin and Pat Rice - Health concerns
Reggie Allen - Health concerns
Sandi Cole - Kidney failure
Jim Byrum - Severe COPD
Donna Guldbeck - Health concerns
Andrea Rines - Health concerns
Ruth Munroe - Health concerns
Donna Guldbeck - Kidney stones
Mary Tabron - Back surgery recovery
Becky Andrews - Broken foot recovery
Martha Gillam - Ankle injury recovery
Elizabeth Gerber - Surgery recovery
Dr. Verleaish Jones - Surgery recovery
Steve Suarez - Surgery recovery
Quinn Wamsley - Seizures
Ron Hogle - Cancer treatment
Patricia Johnson - Health concerns
Helen Kritzman - Health concerns
Troy Leichty - Health concerns
Rose Troutman - Health concerns
Deb Alles - Health concerns
Brandon Burns - Health concerns
Jim Byram - Severe COPD
Sarah Crago - Transplant recovery
Larry Dafforn - Cancer treatment
Marvin Fisher - Health concerns
Marilyn Towel McCord - Health concerns
Clint Rossiter - Cancer treatment
Pat Gonzolez - Severe arthritis
Matt Harrold – Cancer
Kay Klinepeter - Surgery recovery
Becky Ridley - Health concerns
Jeanne Kraick - Health concerns
Helen Griner - Cancer


Ronnie Lindsey - Health concerns
Pam Hughes - Knee replacement surgery

Home/Facility Bound

Keith Amstutz - Parkinsons
Heather Baldi-Dowty - Health concerns
Elizabeth Gerber - Health concerns
Lorna Sherman - Alzheimer’s
Doug Dettmer - Health concerns