TotTown Lesson

April 4th, 2021

TotTown is Fellowship's ministry for children ages 0-4, open each Sunday during the 10:45am service.

Faith at Home

Unable to attend in person? Follow along with this week's lesson at home with your kids!


Jesus is Alive! (John 20: 1-18)

Memory Verse

"He is not here, He has risen." (Luke 24:6)


  • Have children sit down on the floor while telling them that today is the day we celebrate Easter.
  • Prepare the children to listen to the story by singing Open Shut Them:
Open shut them, open shut them
Give a little clap, clap, clap
Open shut them, open shut them
Lay them in your lap, lap, lap


Easter is more than just eggs or a toy, so let's read along why we have much joy.
He gave up His life, so all would be free; "I love you," says Jesus, and He too loves me!
They twisted some thorns for a crown on His head. They joked and they laughed; To the cross He was led.
They placed that crown on the head of our Savior. Yet Jesus stood firm; His love wouldn't waver.
"My kingdom is not of this world," He would say. "I was born for this reason; the price I will pay."
They crucified Him, piercing hands and His feet. Jesus knew soon His Father He'd meet.
"Save Yourself, Jesus!" They shout from the crowd, making fun of our King, as they boasted out loud.
They cast their lots by rolling the dice. They wanted His clothes; They didn't think twice.
"Father, forgive them," His love always true, continued by saying, "They know not what they do."
Jesus cried out, "It is finished!" He said. He surrendered His life, As He bowed down His head.
Trusting in God He gave up His Spirit, His voice from the cross, the people did hear it.
They wrapped up His body, Put Him in the tomb. Some thought that Jesus Had caused His own doom.
Three days will pass; the world will all see: Jesus will rise for you and for me!
To the tomb, women went to bring spices that day, but all that they saw Was the stone rolled away.
"You won't find a live person here with the dead. Jesus has risen," the angel had said.
"Now don't be afraid, and go tell my brothers, and they will spread word to all of the others.
If you have faith and truly believe, I'll live in your heart, and your life I won't leave."
"Someday in heaven you'll be with Me; Your soul will find rest and truly be free."
Remember God's love and what He has done y giving to us His only true Son.
Easter has come, so all will see All that this day Is meant to be!

(Adapted from LHM.ORG/KIDS)
Discussion Questions:

  • What did they use to make a crown for Jesus? (Thorns)
  • What did Jesus say when they were being mean to Him? (Father forgive them)
  • Where did they put Jesus' body? (In the tomb)
  • What did the women find when they came to the tomb? (An empty tomb)
  • What did the angels say happened to Jesus? (He rose from the dead)
Craft Instructions:

Cut out a cross from yellow construction paper; cut a circle out of brown construction paper; cut a door shape out of black construction paper. All cutouts will be attached to blue construction paper. You will also need a paper clasp to attach stone in front of tomb to be able to roll away