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Information and F.A.Q.

Thank You, Pastor Joe

After 20 years of faithful leadership at Fellowship, Pastor Joe and Steph are stepping down.

Rest assured, there is no scandal here.  Joe and Steph are not leaving due to conflict, nor is their resignation forced.  Nothing sinful or immoral has occurred.  Instead, Pastor Joe and Steph sense their leg of the leadership race God assigned them at Fellowship has been completed.  To hear why directly from Joe and Steph along with Fellowship’s Elders, please listen to the full and transparent explanation above.

This news is difficult for many to receive and process.  Fellowship’s staff and Elders want to serve you with information and opportunities to lovingly help process this news and what it means moving forward.

Here are a few questions you may have and some answers to them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are Pastor Joe and Steph stepping down?

Please listen to Joe and Steph share why in their own voice here. In short, they have been “poured out” in these last 5 years and sense a change in the way the Lord is pouring back into them. This change is why they believe their time is complete.

What's next for Pastor Joe and Steph?

Officially, their send-off Sunday is April 18. After that, Pastor Joe and Steph will take time for rest and renewal as they wait for the Lord to reveal what is next. They have no plans currently to lead another church.

What happens next at Fellowship?

Fellowship will enter an interim period in which its Elders and staff will develop a search team to discover the next leader God has for Fellowship. In the meantime, Pastor Geoff King has agreed to serve as the Interim Staff Leader.  All ministries of the church will continue on as normal. Preaching will continue by the current team Joe has trained and raised up.

Does this mean something is wrong at Fellowship?

No. The leadership at Fellowship believe God’s sovereign hand is changing His Church, including Fellowship. Over the last five years Fellowship has encountered many changes, including succeeding its founding pastor and COVID, all amid unprecedented social change. Fellowship’s leaders will continue to be faithful during this era of extraordinary change. All this change will result in God’s glory and Fellowship’s good.

How do I handle this change in a godly, loving way?

Believe the best. Stop conversations that involve gossip or speculation.  Address any questions or concerns directly with staff or Elders. Fellowship’s leaders love you and are committed to transparency and truth, not spin.

I'm struggling with this news. Who can help me?

The Elder team is standing by to answer any questions and provide support. Click here to reach out to them. Additionally, tune in to the Flourish! Blog over these weeks to process with others.

Questions, Answers & Prayer

We recently hosted two Questions, Answers, & Prayer (Q.A.P.) sessions, where we took questions and processed the news with the congregation. In case you missed them, you can watch the replays here:

March 9th Session

March 15th Session

The Elders are Here for You

Use this form to contact our Elder Team. They would love to answer your questions and walk alongside you.