SPSC Update #1

FMC Family!

We are excited to announce that things are going very well on this quest of finding our next leader. Over the past month, the Senior Pastor Search Committee (SPSC) approved by the Elders and introduced to the Church body on September 12, has been meeting most Sundays during the second service. We have spent time building a foundation of collective understanding of what kind of Senior Pastor we are seeking by wrestling with questions such as who we are as a church and where we want to go. We have reviewed our current Vision, Mission, Values & Beliefs as well as our Bi-Laws. We are also planning to survey the church to hear your voice on the type of leader you want for FMC.

The Committee is using the book "Search: The Pastoral Search Committee Handbook" by search consultant William Vanderbloemen as a template to guide us through this process. Many search committee members are also seeking other resources to help them understand this process and gain a more precise understanding of how to navigate the search for our next lead pastor. We are also thankful to have FMC Elders Greg MacDonald and Keith Scott participating in our meetings. Ken Snyder, the Missionary Church Central Regional Director has also been a great resource.

During the past month, we elected our officials and formed our first set of subcommittees for efficiency. Having defined roles and dividing up the work will help us accomplish more simultaneously. The following is a breakdown of the officials and subcommittees.

  • Committee Chair: Francis Jomo
  • Committee Vice-Chair: Kari Troxel
  • Committee Secretary: Tonya Faupel

  • Evaluating search firms: Jordan Heller, Keri Troxel and Jihan Brooks
  • Interview: Joe Parra, Tony Hudson, Ron Knox and Pam Fulton
  • Communication: Ron Knox and Dashyia Haywood
  • Prayer: Bre Kellenberger, Jordan Heller and Kerry Adams

Over the next few weeks, we will be researching and interviewing a Pastor Search Consultant to assist us in the process. During Committee discussions, it became apparent that we don't have the in-house capacity or expertise to do a national search ourselves, so we are engaging the Consultant to publicize the position and provide us with qualified candidates that we can pursue.

As we interview consultants, we will also be working on finalizing a timeline of our process and surveying the congregation.

From our research, this process takes, on average, 12- 18 months from start to finish. There may be times when it appears like nothing is going on, but rest assured, we will be actively searching, and we will keep you updated all along the way. Please be praying for each member of the Committee for wisdom and discernment toward selecting our next Senior Pastor. Also, please pray that God will prepare our next Senior Pastor's heart for ministry at FMC and pray that God will also prepare us for him!

Serving Him Together!


The FMC Pastor Search Committee Members are listed below:

Committee Members
  • Francis Jomo
  • Kari Troxel
  • Tonya Faupel
  •  Jihan Brooks
  • Ron Knox
  • Dashyia Haywood
  • Bre Kellenberger
  •  Jordan Heller
  • Kerry Adams
  • Joe Parra
  • Tony Hudson
  • Pam Faulton

Committee Resources
Greg MacDonald, FMC Elder
Keith Scott, FMC Elder
Ken Snyder, Central Region Director, Missionary Church USA

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1 Comment

Andy - October 27th, 2021 at 12:59pm

I appreciate all the time and effort the team is putting in behind the scenes!

And thanks for the opportunity to submit feedback via the online survey on Sunday. Unfortunately the process was a bit glitchy and I was unable to complete all of the questions. I also didn't see a location to take the survey in person in the atrium (though I didn't look super closely).

If possible, maybe offer the survey opportunity could be offered again after getting the kinks worked out of the system.