Grateful for the Word of God

by Sandi Baron

Psalm 119

This is the longest Psalm in the Bible. It brings me delight because it reveals the purpose of the Word and divulges God’s character and Sovereignty. I am grateful for these words because they speak of love and unveil God as the light that will guide the believer through his life. I am that believer that is pleased because this Psalm gives me perspective.

This Psalm provides the many benefits of God’s Word. It guides me how to praise God. Yahweh grants specific blessings to those who walk in the way of the Lord. I am pleased that verses 9-16 show how we gain joy in seeking Him with our whole heart. I cherish this Psalm because it teaches me how to pray and why to pray. It has created a prayer pattern for me.

“Turn my eyes away from worthless things,” in verses 33-44 clarifies to me that my delight is found in the path of God’s commands, not in possessions or pleasures. I need God’s Word to turn me toward His statutes and away from worthless things. I am thankful that these words have taught me to meditate day and night, and they deliver me insights and God’s perspective. I am indebted to the psalmist who cautions us not to choose the evil way, the effortless way, but instead, to obey the Word of God.
One of the helpful images is in verse 105, “Your Word is a lamp for my feet and a light for my path.” Each day He gives me sufficient light to take the next step. I am thankful to know that if my mind and heart are filled with God’s Word, I will have what I need to know and what I should do next. I am appreciative of His provisions, His presence, and His instructions. All are clearly stated in this Psalm. It brings me delight each time I read it. When I ask for more understanding, the Lord returns me to Psalm 119. I am grateful that He reveals His plan through His Word. Trust God, says the psalmist. I am grateful for an unchanging God that I can trust. I can remain safe on the path of life if I hide God’s words in my heart. If I rejoice in following His statutes and meditating on his Word, I will not only find joy, but also I receive His mercy that will follow me all the days of my life. Thank you, Lord, for giving us Psalm 119 .

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