Reduce the Stigma

Everyone deals with mental health issues, but due to the pandemic this year it’s become more important than ever for us to specifically use technology as a bridge to reach out to people with the basic message: "you’re not alone."

A recent gallop poll revealed that Americans' mental health is at a 20-year low due to lockdowns, quarantines, job loss, and the overall worry we see within our world right now. Every day people in America struggle with severe anxiety and fear, with no idea how to navigate it all. Many within our own church are dealing with this issue and not talking about it. People are just not talking about their pain and their struggles. They’re keeping it within their own head; keeping it as a secret struggle that erodes the rest of their being, isolating them and causing them to believe lies about their value, their future, and ultimately about hope.

What if RemedyLIVE and Fellowship were to partner, not only to provide the 24-Hour Chat Center to these people, but also to guide, encourage, and direct people into community?

RemedyLIVE and Fellowship Missionary Church would like to partner once again through an initiative that will serve as a bridge to the cyber world and connection within community.

Support the Cause

Every Christmas season Fellowship takes an offering in support of a local or global cause. This year we invite you to participate in this groundbreaking new initiative from our partnership with RemedyLive, aimed at using technology to reach those struggling with mental health issues.

Every dollar raised will be split evenly to strengthen RemedyLive’s capacity to reach hurting people online and Fellowship’s capacity to care for them in-person.  Your gift will empower Remedy's Search Engine Optimization and marketing, while also helping Fellowship to offer Christian therapist-led care groups with professional mental health oversight.  For thousands of people who are lost and hurting in our region, this partnership represents a powerful, hope-filled Gospel opportunity that starts online, but ends in-person.