The staff members at Fellowship serve in many different capacities and functions, but we all have the same goal: to see others flourish as disciples of Christ. In addition to our specific roles, we're devoted to supporting and praying for our congregation, our neighborhoods, and our communities, both individually and as a collective. We know that the Church does not belong to professionals, but to everyone who follows Jesus, which is why each staff member is committed to seeing everyone LOVED, everyone RECONCILED, everyone EMPOWERED, and everyone SENT.




The Elder Team is comprised of faithful, dedicated men who love and care for the Fellowship Family. They support, encourage, and nurture the staff. As part of each Sunday morning family gathering they pray with and for our people, offering encouragement and guidance. They are also involved in the spiritual and physical well-being of the FMC Body throughout the week.

What's the difference between a governing elder and a shepherding elder?

The elders are charged with the spiritual and financial health of the church. They continually and intentionally cover the church and its attenders in prayer and are available for support and guidance.

Governing elders sit on the board and are involved in the process of evaluation, discussion, and voting on key issues of these areas.

Shepherding elders continue in their commitment to the spiritual health of the church but do not participate in voting.

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